Top adventure destination in Brazil – Jalapão state park

Jalapao is a top adventure destination in Brazil

The Jalapão state park sits practically in the center of Brazil in the midwest state of Tocantins and is a natural paradise of unique beauty. Visitors will find the brazilian savanah (cerrado) biome mixed with grand river waterfalls, sand dunes and lavish natural havens. Over recent years the Jalapao state park has become  one of the main destination for those seeking ecotourism and adventure tourism.

Jalapão: State Park / Tocantins / Brazil / highway Brazil

Jalapão State Park / Tocantins / Brazil

Jalapao State Park haven of eco/adventure tourism

In full forest transition between the cerrado – the brazilian type savannah biome and the ‘caatinga’ type flora, the whole Jalapao area is full of crystal clear rivers, rapids, large plateaus and rock formations of varied colors and shapes. The Jalapao state park sits in the mighty Araguaya – Tocantins river basin which forms part of the Amazon basin – and consequently has several water ways in the region. These river make perfect for rafting and canoeing in the wild brazilian ‘cerrado’. The water abundance also produces natural water springs that are a great attraction. In this scenario you can still find dunes of golden sands upto 30 meters high, flowers and exotic animals – an invitation for contemplation and adventure.

Curiosities of the Jalapao region

The golden grass only arises in the Jalapão region  and it is using its thin and intense metallic sheen rod that women with skilled hands turn the grass into a variety of craft items like bags, earrings, bracelets, hats, mandalas, baskets and various decorative objects. Unique beauty that has exceeded the limits of the state of Tocantins, winning markets in all Brazilian states and even abroad.

IMPORTANT TIP: Book at least three days to enjoy this expedition though a full 05 days is recommended due to long distances.

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