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Mysterious stonewalls and rock formations baffle the intrepid visitor of outback Brazil

Mysterious stonewall and rock formations Speculation has the stonewall of Parauna – Goias – Brazil as a construction built by ancient american peoples due to whale oil having been found in the wall compostion. The region habors all sorts of unusual and and highly beautiful sites. At the top of the valley where the Parauna […]

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Unique and unusual places to stay in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil

Private Yacht in Paraty – Rio de Janeiro The boat is anchored in the bay, near the quay of the schooners, in the Historic Center of Paraty in Rio de Janeiro state. Boarding is done with an inflatable boat with a 15hp engine. No one better than the sailor Michel to be your host on […]

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Experience Brazil: ancient wall built by Incas or aliens?

Serra da Portaria - Goiás - Brazil - highway brazil

Mysterious stone wall built by aliens ? Far from the Atlantic ocean some 750 m in land in the mid-west state of Goiás – Brazil a beautiful and ancient land with mysterious rock formations puzzles all who visit. Some 220 m from Brasília where outback farmland clashes with shear wilderness of brazilian cerrado the land […]

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Experience South America – Atacama desert | Day 03

We woke up early, again very cold, we had breakfast at the inn and around half past seven the van picked us up as we headed towards the Salar of Tara (in atacama desert). On the way we pass an inactive volcano crater in the format of a cone, a rare sight. Tara Salar is in […]

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Experience South America – The Atacama desert – Day 02

On the second day we head to the Miscanti and Miñiques lagoons in Atacama desert. Located some 110km south of the town of San Pedro de Atacama and 28km southeast of the town of Socaire. The lagoons are part of the flamingos national reserve and are administrated by the Atacamenian community Socaire. We woke up […]

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Experience South America – The Atacama desert – Day 01

What counts in life is not the starting point but the walk. Walking and sowing at the end you will reap what. (Cora Coralina) We took a plane in Santiago and headed to the airport in Calama, a flight of about two hours. Arriving in Calama we went for some transport to take us to […]

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