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Mysterious stonewalls and rock formations baffle the intrepid visitor of outback Brazil

Mysterious stonewall and rock formations Speculation has the stonewall of Parauna – Goias – Brazil as a construction built by ancient american peoples due to whale oil having been found in the wall compostion. The region habors all sorts of unusual and and highly beautiful sites. At the top of the valley where the Parauna […]

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Experience Brazil: ancient wall built by Incas or aliens?

Serra da Portaria - Goiás - Brazil - highway brazil

Mysterious stone wall built by aliens ? Far from the Atlantic ocean some 750 m in land in the mid-west state of Goiás – Brazil a beautiful and ancient land with mysterious rock formations puzzles all who visit. Some 220 m from Brasília where outback farmland clashes with shear wilderness of brazilian cerrado the land […]

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Belo Horizonte nightlife – Savassi – Day 03

We start the day with a visit to the Praça do Papa (Pope’s Square), nice people, families, childrens, picnics and a great view of the city. Near the square is the famous Rua do Amendoin (Peanuts Street). A lot of people go there to check out the mystery of the slope. By car, exit, leaving the engine […]

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Belo Horizonte – Liberty Square and Mangabeiras Park – Day 02

Our second day starts with a walk in the heart of Belo Horizonte at the Praça da Liberdade (Liberty Square). Getting there is easy, there are more than 20 bus lines that pass through there every day, just read the itinerary that is written next to the bus door. A taxi is not expensive if you are near […]

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Hotel – trips- food ‘n fun for $100 a day????

Yes. It sounds prepostorous and usually it is. But with the recent devaluation against the dollar reaching $4 x 1 Real (brazilian currency) means that you can sleep, travel, eat and have fun for roughly $100/day/person in the low turism season. Now! With the begining of spring in the southern hemisphere starting tomorrow and the […]

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