Experience Brazil – Pirenopolis – Day 02

Pirenopolis Brazil thrived through its gold mine era being a regional influence through the XVIII and XIX centuries – those golden days are behind it, but the town still mines its quartz stone and the jewelry scene with brazilian gems. Some of the production and other handcraft can be seen in the little stores in […]

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Experience Brazil – Pirenopolis – Day 01

Highway Brazil visited Pirenopolis or Piri as its called, on the Easter holiday in late March/16. Beeing a relished holiday – one of the busiest of the year – prices were high. We stayed at the ‘Rancho do Joao’ inn – on one of the main streets in town, at a price range of around […]

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Pirenópolis – A colonial sanctuary in the mid-west state of Goias/Brazil

It was officially inaugurated in 1890 as the town of Pirenopolis in the state of Goias but had existed as a portuguese out-post in the rough atmosphere of the central plateaus and plains of central Brazil since at least 1727, though portuguese and paulista explorers were visiting the area some 50 years earlier. The mid-western […]

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Brazilian winter: my favourite time in midwest Brazil

It’s not the peak of the summer season and it doesn’t carry all the hype of the beautiful sunny jam-packed beaches, but I still love the winter season in the southern hemisphere. In midwest Brazil the season stands for: no rain, lots of sun still, but an opportunity to explore nature – visit waterfalls, go […]

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