Chapada dos Guimarães

Experience Brazil – Pirenopolis – Day 02

Pirenopolis Brazil thrived through its gold mine era being a regional influence through the XVIII and XIX centuries – those golden days are behind it, but the town still mines its quartz stone and the jewelry scene with brazilian gems. Some of the production and other handcraft can be seen in the little stores in […]

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Pirenopolis – nature, history and culture in central Brazil – day 01

The colonial style town of Pirenopolis, with its stone paved streets and portuguese influenced architecture sits at the base of the Pireneus sierra in the mid-west state of Goias – Brazil. Surrounded by beauiful hills and breath taking waterfalls, it makes just an 80 mile drive from the brazilian capital – Brasilia/DF – making it a […]

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Fortaleza – Brazil is a sun haven for the real beach lovers

Its been voted one the Top 05 destinations in Brazil in 2015 and truely deserves the sun capital of Brazil. Beleived to have been built between 1649-1654 by Dutch exploreres who gave the name Forte Schoonenborch (Forte = Fortaleza) The Forte city is the closest brazilian capital to Europe – just over 5600 km, making […]

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Record temperatures and melting currency make Brazil a special attraction

This southern hemisphere winter is bringing record highs in temperautres all over Brazil – specially in the central part of the country, and with the US Dollar soaring at almost  $3.80 to the $Real, and the travel high season a long way away, it might be the best opportunity to know Brazil with the best […]

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Chapada dos Guimaraes: for those with adventurous spirit

Striking orange-red sandstone walls – trademarks of Chapada dos Guimaraes – give welcome to tourists that dock in the city, just 50 km from the capital Cuiabá (Mato Grosso). Gateway National Park, the town that bears the same name as the reserve offers comfortable lodgings, cozy restaurants and a small square (where is the bucolic […]

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