beaches in Brazil

New diving paradise opens in Brazil

New diving paradise opnes in Alcatrazes – Brazil From January/18 ocean fans will be able to dive in one of Brazil’s last untouched underwater havens – the Alcatrazes archipelago on the coast of Sao Paulo. Used as a target for the navy up till 2013 the new Wildlife Refuge in the town of São Sebastiao […]

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Top 03 Bahia beaches – Brazil

Sargi beach - Bahia Brazil

01 – Itacarezinho The cocoa coast of Bahia – Brazil is filled with delicious beaches and none more than the Itacarezinho beach some 10 miles south of the small town of Itacare. Little Itacare only in name this 2 mile beach counts with a good restaurant strucutre – something rare in the region – along […]

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Brazil – Top Beaches in southern Bahia – Trancoso

Trancoso in Southern Bahia – Brazil Of the 7500 km of Atlantic coast in Brazil the 300 or so km of southern Bahia are ranked as some of the best beaches of all the southern ocean. The small village of Trancoso in southern Bahia was the place where for the first time the portuguese anchord […]

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7 unforgettable beaches you must see in Brazil

HighwayBrazil selected 7 unforgettable beaches you must see! Check it out! 7. Central Beach Camboriú: Is where everything happens. The southern capital of Florianopolis (in the state of Santa Catarina) has it all: restaurants, bars, hotels, nightclubs and a delightful bike lane on the seaside, which leads to a very busy area where people practice […]

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Castelhanos beach, ecological paradise for sea turtles

Castelhanos is a beautiful beach located in the state of Espirito Santo – Brazil. Not much known by foreign tourists is very popular among Minas Gerais state tourists making border with the state. The beach has 2 km long, being a charming and quiet place. It´s good for kids to play in the natural pools […]

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05 days in Florianopolis: day five – boat tour

Florianopolis Day 5 – Boat Ride On the last day you can relax on a boat tour of the city. Check out three suggestions: Scuna ride to the Anhatomirim Island – The Scuna leaves the center of a pier in the city center, close to ‘Hercilio Luz’ bridge, and makes two stops, the first on […]

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05 days in Florianopolis: day four – South Island

Florianopolis Day 4 – South Island On the fourth day the suggestion is to visit the South Island Beaches and the tour can start at the ‘Morro das Pedras’ Lookout, located near a retreat house, high on a hill with a beautiful panoramic view of the region. Then you can enjoy the tranquility of the […]

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05 days in Florianopolis: day three – Downtown

Florianopolis Day 3 – North of the Island and Downtown On the third day in Florianopolis in the southern state of ‘Santa Catarina’ – Brazil, you can visit other northern beaches of the island, starting from the ‘Praia do Forte’ beach, accessed by a small road on the lefthand corner of the Jurerê Beach. It […]

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05 days in Florianopolis: day two – north of the Island

Florianopolis Day 2 – North of the Island On our second day the destination is the north of the island and the trip can start at the ‘Santinho’ Beach, a spot with a wide strip of sand not as crowded as other beaches on the island which bares the famous ‘Costão resort’. On the site […]

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