Surprise waterfalls in Brazil – 2018

TOP 10 LIST – HIGHEST WATERFALLS IN BRAZIL Brazil has thousands of waterfalls spread over its 12 different basins and at 168 m (551 f) the Itiquira falls in the mid-west state of Goiás – Brazil should make the top 10 list of highest waterfalls in the country. Laying on the Itiquira river (water drops […]

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Brazil – Summer/Carnival – international shows – 2018

Brazil – Summer/Carnival –  international shows – 2018 Kate Perry and Peral Jam are some of the names, so If your comming to Brazil for summer/Carnival 2018 – check out the international venues that will be playing the country and see if your idol will be playing Brazil. February 2018 international pop star Phil Collins […]

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Waterfalls to visit in Brasilia – Brazil – 2018

Lavish waterfalls and a day with nature just a drive away: Many will think that Brasilia – Brazil’s Capital is just an unsouled business capital with politics and finances dominating the scene. But the mid-west brazilian Cerrado hides jewls inthe form lavish nature and exuberant wateralls in the hundreds. A quick drive and the Cerrado […]

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Top tips for travelling to Brazil in 2018

Top tips for travelling to Brazil 2018 08 – Yellow fever vaccine The Pan-American Health Organiztio (UN) has considered 2018 the worst in Decades for Yellow Fever and has recomended  vaccination for all those who haven’t vaccinated in the regions affected and all travelers intending to visit.  Remember to visit the doctor some weeks before […]

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Yellow fever vaccination accelerated in Carnival regions of Brazil 2018

Yellow fever vaccine to be extended in the biggest Carnival cities in Brazil. Rio, Salvador and São Paulo are to have extended vaccine schemes for the local population this summer due to insurgence of the disease.  So if your planning to come to Brazil/South America for the 2018 Carnival best reassure your covered, and if […]

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Top eco-park on the Amazon river – Brazil 2018

MANGAL DAS GARÇAS – Belém do Pará The Mangal das Garças park on the great river bend in downtown Belém do Pará in the Amazonian region – Brazil is a great surprise and great day trip – specially with the family. Revamped a decade ago the park has a free entrance – except for the […]

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Southamerica and the Andes: Chile – The first Impressions

photo by Julio Sedano Acostaa

Speechless is the feeling you have when on arrival at the international airport in the capital Santiago – Chile, the commander calls attention to the cabin. “We are flying over the Andes.” I opened the shutters and I see a seemingly endless sequence of mountains with a reddish appearance and snow on the peaks, even […]

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