05 days in Florianopolis: day two – north of the Island

Florianopolis Day 2 – North of the Island

On our second day the destination is the north of the island and the trip can start at the ‘Santinho’ Beach, a spot with a wide strip of sand not as crowded as other beaches on the island which bares the famous ‘Costão resort’. On the site there is a trail that goes up a hill, where you can find inscriptions and a beautiful site. To reach this beach, you have to pass first by the ‘Ingleses’ beach, which can be visited on the way back and can be used as a good place for lunch as there are several restaurants in the ‘Centrinho’ and near the beach.

Santinho Beach Florianopolis

Santinho Beach – Florianopolis

Once you’ve passed by the ‘Ingleses’ beach and have had lunch, the suggestion is to visit two beaches from the north end of the island, ‘Lagoinha’ (little downtown) and ‘Brava Beach’ (brave beach). There is only one way to reach them and its not too difficult, there are signposts indicating all the directions. ‘Lagoinha’ is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and has one of the clearest water. Brava Beach has a wide stretch of sand and sea, as its name (tough) implies, usually well stirred waters.

Lagoinha Beach – photo Marlon Gaspar

On the way back from the beaches you can stroll through Centrinho (little downtown) from the Canasvieiras Beach.

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