05 days in Florianopolis: day one – Jurere beach

We made a very interesting trip itinerary for you to enjoy the best places of Florianopolis.

Where to stay?

In the high tourism season it’s good to stay on or near the beach. During this period (from december till late Febuary early March) the traffic jams are frequent, so if you dont fancy facing long jams be ready to get close to the sea. The east and north of the island are the most sought. If you are willing to spend a little more on your trip, our tip is the Jurere beach. If your on a more controlled budget, how about a hotel on the ‘Praia dos Ingleses’ (english men) beach. The ‘Lagoa da Conceição’ lagoon nearby is very nice and has options to suit all budgets.

Jurere beach

Jurere beach

This intinerary suggests a tour of several beaches dotted around the island of Florianopolis, from north to south. The best way to follow it is with a vehicle making it easier to move between locations. But come already prepared to face some traffic, specially on high season, between Christmas and Carnival. Some of the main hot spots are the road between the Laggon and the ‘Praia Mole’ beach, the output from the Jurere beach, the road to the beach and the Praia dos Ingleses beach, and also the Campeche beach access road.

If you are not in a drive, you’ll be dependent on the buses. So maybe it’s best to choose just one or two beaches each day. The city’s bus system is a bit confusing, so you’ll need to change buses in some terminals around the city, depending on where you are.

Day 1 – Eastern Island / Lagoa da Conceição

On the first day the suggestion is to know the eastern beaches of the island. They’re the ‘Joaquina’, ‘Praia Mole’ and ‘Barra da Lagoa’, which arise along the way exactly in that order, for those coming in from the center by ‘Lagoa da Conceição’ lagoon.

Eastern Island beach

The Joaquina is a beach with a very wide strip of sand and very popular with surfers because of its waves. On the road that leads to the beach, there are several dunes that are visited by tourists. The ‘Mole’ Beach (Soft beach) also has waves but its a smaller beach and has several bars on the boardwalk. Barra da Lagoa is a quieter beach, with some restaurants nearby and a unit of the Tamar Project, which takes care of the marine turtles.

Later in the day, it is worth touring the ‘Lagoa da Conceição’ lagoons, through the Avenue of Rendeiras and ending in the center of the neighborhood, where there are many shops, cafes and restaurants, plus a Handicraft Market in the central square.

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