05 days in Florianopolis: day four – South Island

Florianopolis Day 4 – South Island

On the fourth day the suggestion is to visit the South Island Beaches and the tour can start at the ‘Morro das Pedras’ Lookout, located near a retreat house, high on a hill with a beautiful panoramic view of the region. Then you can enjoy the tranquility of the ‘Armação’ beach and then the calm sequence of ‘Pantano do Sul’ beach.

‘Pantano do Sul’ beach

On this beach you will find the ‘Arante’ Bar, which can be a good option for lunch. It’s famous for displaying thousands of little notes left by visitors. Another option for lunch is the Ribeirão da Ilha District, the largest national producer of oysters.

Arante’s Bar with notes all over the place

Enjoy the rest of the day on the sands of ‘Campeche’ beach, with its fine sand and extensive range out on the open sea, overlooking the small island of Campeche, just ahead of you.

Campeche Beach Florianopolis

Campeche Beach

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