Top 05 unforgettable Rio de Janeiro beaches

The most beautiful and unforgettable Rio de Janeiro beaches.

5 – Joatinga beach (Joá)
Joatinga - @juliapradofigueira

Joatinga – Rio de Janeiro beaches – @juliapradofigueira

The Joatinga is an exclusive beach located in the ‘Joah’ neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. About 300 meters long its not accessible during high tide but when the tide is low, this small strip of sand becomes one of the best spots of the city with its youth and artists. The beach is also great for children and todlers with little natural pools. And for the adventurous, the beach is a point to practice rappelling. Have fun.

4 – Prainha beach (Barra da Tijuca)
Prainha - Photo @karenzita013

Prainha – Rio de Janeiro beaches – photo @karenzita013

Favorite of the surfers, the Prainha beach stands out for its good waves and natural beauty. The beach is located in the Barra da Tijuca borough at the ‘Recreio dos Bandeirantes’ region – its 700 meters long and is protected by hills covered with Atlantic Forest. The area is part of an APA – Environmental Protection Area ‘Prainha’, a forest area of permanent protection . It is worth arriving early to enjoy the sun, in the middle of the afternoon it hides behind the mountains. At the famous kiosks (beach huts), you can order a natural sandwich, great tropical fruit juice or an iced acai bowl.

3 – Ipanema beach (Zona Sul)

Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro beaches – photo @delia.real

Just after a few minutes in the soft sand and you realize that it is impossible to remain indifferent to Ipanema beach. A place that inspired and inspires artists, where new trends are created. In its 2.6 km of coastline tanned bodies, foreign tourists, both single and families, surfers and friends who get together to play beach soccer, all are seen there. Vendors offer classic carioca delicacies such as mate drink (iced tea), globo biscuits and popsicle (sacolé). The ‘Posto 9’ (classic) is still the meeting point for the flirtatious young crowd from Ipanema beach. Access is easy either by bus or subway, but if you need to park the car, it may take a few minutes.

2 – Sossego beach (Niterói)
Praia do Sossego - Rio de Janeiro beaches

Sossego beach – Rio de Janeiro/Niterói – @thalita_lopes

It is a beautiful beach of fine golden sands , with a sea of clean and green waters and usually with waves. The area has preserved coastal vegetation and nailed between hills this beach reveals an extreme quiet place, hence the origin of its name. Without access for cars it’s usually frequented by those who come by boat or yacht.´You can go to the beach making a trail lasts around 50 minutes, starting by the shore of Piratininga Beach. Without any infrastructure is recommended to tourists to take drink and food to the location. Then you just lie on the beach sands, enjoy the view and relax.

1 – Itacoatiara beach (Niterói)
Itacoatiara Rio de Janeiro beaches

Itacoatiara beach – Niterói – photo @leandromansursapo

For many it is the best beach, Itacoatiara is located between Itaipu and Itaipuaçu beaches in Niteroi region. The neighborhood is very residential with nice houses and a beautiful beach surrounded by nature. Creating a special atmosphere that will make you feel away from the urban area. One of the coolest things there is to look at the street and not see buildings. It’s really the feeling of being in a private beach, away from the big city of Rio de Janeiro. One of the great attractions is the “Costão”, a large stone on the left side of the beach with 200m tall. The trail leading to the top is a must for nature lovers. Perfect to open a beach day, bright and early, or to close with an amazing sunset.


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