Sports tourism becomes important in Brazil

Sport has been an increasingly frequent reason for traveling to Brazil, whether to participate in competitions or simply to watch. In April, we celebrate the World Day for Physical Activity, the International Sport Development Service and Peace and the World Health Day, and less than four months from the start of the Olympic Games in Rio, sport becomes even more prominent in Brazilian tourist agenda.

In 2014, the World Cup attracted about one million foreign tourists to Brazil, from 203 countries, totaling more than 5 million domestic trips. This event brought about EUR 1.39 billion in revenue to the country. But sports tourism in Brazil depends not only on major international events; in fact, one of the main trends that have been expressed in the sports tourism in Brazil is the amateur competitions. Street races and marathons are the main manifestations of this trend. An organizer of such events said that only in 2014, there were over 100,000 participants, with female athletes the main representatives.

This trend has not gone unnoticed by the hotel sector in Brazil, and one of the major networks in Latin America created, including a ‘sporty rate’ which gives discounts up to 56%, applied to any guests who are enrolled in sports competitions.

Throughout 2016, Brazil will host several marathons. Here are some options for those who are looking for this kind of trip.

City Marathon in Rio de Janeiro

On May 29, 2016 takes place the Marathon of the City of Rio de Janeiro, whose challenge is to cover a distance of 42 kilometers along beaches, picturesque neighborhoods and mountain scenery. This is an event that attracts athletes from around the world and is divided into the categories of Marathon, Half Marathon, Marathon Family and a category for athletes with special needs. On average, each year has about 29,000 participants.

Marathon of Santa Catarina

Marathon of Santa Catarina takes place on 16 August in the city of Florianópolis. This event offers ideal floor for those who want to improve their running performance. Accompanied by stunning beach scenery, this marathon route, 42 kilometers follows the coastline of Florianopolis. Annually attracts about 1,500 participants.

International Foz do Iguaçu Marathon

The International Foz do Iguaçu Marathon will take place on September 25 in Foz do Iguaçu, in the southern state of Paraná. The course highlights the fact that it follows the landscape of Iguaçu Falls, one of the most famous in the world for its undeniable natural beauty. In addition to this landscape, the script enters the Iguaçu National Park, a reserve with more than 2,000 species of plants and many species of animals. In total, this event annually captures about 2,500 participants.

On tourism in Brazil

With a pleasant tropical climate, beaches and lush forests, a rich culture and a fascinating lifestyle, Brazil is one of the most attractive countries to visit these days. It is an affordable option for couples trips, family or business.

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