Top 06 things to do in Rio de Janeiro downtown

The vacations in the Cidade Maravilhosa makes for a good time to take a look at Rio de Janeiro downtown beyond Ipanema and Copacabana. With several days of feasts and fun ahead your gonna see more to the Cidade Maravilhosa then thought. You should spare a couple of days to know the city center and to take a look at old times Rio through some of its more ancient districts.

Santa Teresa Tram – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Tram ride and an unforgetable view

With a quick tube ride from Ipanema or Copacabana you get to the Rio de Janeiro downtown (Centro in portuguese) and within a few hundred meters of the iconic Lapa Arches – your first stop. Keep your eyes pealed for the Arches are in a ample space and could be insecure at moments. There’s a police post right beneath to help with security. The arches sit right next to the the Petrobras headquarters where you’ll be able to catch the Santa Teresa Tram at its final stop – a must for a visit to good times. But first a visit to the iconic Selaron Stairs is demanded as they’re just round the corner from the Arches. But you can make the visit before you go up Santa Teresa or even when you get back down. The Santa teresa Tram eases its way up the cliffs and corners of the Carioca landskape where you get an unequivocal view of the ‘Belle epoque’ Rio with its ancient buildings and mansions from the turn of the 20th Century. Take your camera because the view is breathtaking. Rio with the Pao de Açucar – Sugar loaf mount sitting on one side. At the ‘Largo do Corvelo’ (this was the last stop for the tram in November/2015) you can drop off to visit the cultural center ‘Parque das Ruinas’ just some 500 m up the road.

  • Tram was working from 10 am to 04 pm with low prices
Parque das Ruinas - Rio de Janeiro downtown

Cultural Center Parque das Ruinas

Art and landscapes

The ‘Parque das Ruinas‘ center offers visitors an incredible view of old town Rio with the Sugar Loaf mount straight ahead and the Christ statue overlooking all, it makes a great visit. After, take time to visit the ‘Chacara do Ceu’ museum just a walk (10 m) over via the little bridge that seperates the two. With a symbolic fee of R$ 2,00 (roughly $50 c) you’ll see a broad and interesting collection of brazilian art and artists stretching from the XVII to XX centuries. After stop for a snack at the caffe that sits in the corner of the center. The chocolate pie and capucino make for a sweet end to this memorable trip.

  • $ 7,00  – for a slice and cup ***(nice)
largo do guimaraes - Rio de Janeiro downtown

Largo do Guimarães – Santa Teresa

Food and Fun

Up and down Santa Teresa you find steep but interesting walks –  but you can take the bus/taxi/moto-taxis if you wish. But the Carioca landscape of the city center is unmissable. The Laranjeiras neighborhood, the Sugar loaf mount on one side, the Botafogo and Flamengo beaches, the iconic  Maracanã Stadium on the other side – its a life remembering moment. German and typical and modern brazilian dishes are available near the ‘Largo dos Guimarâes’ which harbours a cinema and makes a spot for locals and many visitors from abroad. The streets are packed with foreign visitors looking for some fun and great sight seeing. A brazilian handcraft beer and dish will finish of the treat. The spot is busy usually during the weekend, staying till late night with lots of people poping up from the Lapa scene.

  • $ 20,00 medium price for a dish and beverage for one ***  Rio de Janeiro downtown

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