Top 04 places for singles to meet up in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil has been voted the 3rd top destinations for singles. So Highway Brazil set up a list of places to meet up and find new freinds and passions. Brazilians are generally well homoured and open to talks/chats. The beach is the best place to meet people.

Belmonte bar

Bar Belmonte – Rio de Janeiro

01- Bar Belmonte – Leblon

From after beach till early morning the young,  beautiful and funky people will be willing to enjoy the blissful atmosphere at Belmonte in Leblon. Want to get along? Friday night will be the best choice. Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons are also blazing. Age: 20’s.


Bukowski – Rio de Janeiro

02 – Bukowski – Botafogo

For those who like a rock scene and the alternatives the Bukowski in Botafogo is a good call. Bar ans night club come together in a relaxed environment bringing 60’s to 80’s rock to the day with a great feel of laying back and enjoying the ambience. Age: 20’s to 30’s.

Palaphita - Gavea

Palaphita – Gavea – Rio de Janeiro

03 – Palaphita – Gavea

The Gavea elevates spirits with the recently opened ‘Palaphita’. The young party goers have had this option since 2013 and love to chata and dance to the Dj’s who play from Thursdays till Saturdays. Lots of space outside to dance anda play. Age: 20’s

rio scenarium

Rio Secnarium – Rio de Janeiro

04- ‘Rio Secnarium’ – Centro

Its an international visitors top choice for mixing the casual bar and dancing spot. A great oportunity to experience the brazilian culture through music and typical dances. The place is always full and has a real great atmosphere to it. Don’t miss it!!! Age: from 20’s onward.


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