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Moto tour Rio de Janeiro – Motorcycle Tourism

Like any other big city in the world you can travel round Rio de Janeiro by car, metro, bus, bike… but for a unique and adventurous experience – HighwayBrazil went on a motorcycle tour of Rio de Janeiro with adventure expedition leaders Gabriel Roso and Daniel Chrispim of With thousands of miles of experience between them, either heading or taking part in motorcycle expeditions throughout Brazil and the world, it was a perfect choice for that unique adventure in Rio de Janeiro.

Copacabana – Ipanema and streets of Rio

A quick tube ride from downtown Rio and we arrived at our meeting point in Copacabana. Already you get the sense of buzzing and busy Rio – that mix of breeze and noisy atmosphere. People rushing around up and down the back streets and main avenues of the iconic neighbourhoods. A quick stop for fuelling and we’re off down the ‘Atlantica’ avenue with the blue ocean to the left and the iconic Copacabana architecture on the right. Crossing over to neighbouring Ipanema and then the ‘Barra da Tijuca’ districts – where the Olympic venues were held – and we get to one of the entrances of the Tijuca National Park.

copacabana rio de janeiro brazil - highway brazil

Copacabana moto tour Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Tijuca forest – biggest urban forest in the world

As you enter the Tijuca National Park – the largest urban forest in the world – you feel the sudden drop in temperature as the tall carioca buildings give way to the lavish ‘Atlantic’ forest (Mata Atlantica). The mixture of colours and sounds as you whirl and wind up the slopes till the peak of the Pedra bonita rock is hypnotising. Standing at over 2200 f ‘Pedra Bonita’ is the launch pad for para/hang glyders of Rio – and where many traveling adventurers go to see an extreme and unique vista of Rio from the skies.

christ the redeemer moto tour rio de janeiro - highway brazil

Christ the Redeemer moto tour Rio Xplore Brazil

Pedra Bonita launching pad

The overview as you stroll towards the edge of the lanching pad at Pedra Bonita is jaw dropping. Every week dozens of tourist take a leap into the skies of Rio to grasp a view of the urban landscape and to cherish a memory the’ll hold for a lifetime. Once off the ground adventurer has one of the most unique sights in the world while glyding over the ‘zona sul’ carioca. Landing happens on the ‘Barra da tijuca’ beach some few hundred feet apart. There are several sites for flight reserves so don’t miss the opportunity if you have the resources, time and the guts.

pedra bonita Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Pedra Bonita launching pad – Rio de Janeiro travel tour – Brazil

Christ the Redeemer and Dona Marta overviews

The road that leads through the Tijuca park is just incredibly beautiful. A sight for all to see and remember. As it entwines through the hills and mountain tops of Rio through the rich green nature it eventually reaches the next stop of the Rio – Motocycle City tour – Christ the Redeemer statue. A landmark of the city and one of the best views of all Rio. The iconic structure is a certain attraction for visitors in Rio and lifetime memory of a beautiful moment. Next stop – ‘Mirante Dona Marta’ which is disputedly the best view in town. With an eagle eye view of downtown Rio and its unforgettable landscape it’s time to bid farewell from the sky view of Rio and get back to sea level heights.

Dona Marta Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Mirante Dona Marta over view – belvedere Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

SugarLoaf Mountain and Arpoador sunsets

Descending back into downtown Rio was a real treat as you watch old and modern city blend together. A last stop over to see iconic Sugar Loaf Mountain over some coconut water and nice sight of the Urca district. With still the choice of one of those unforgettable ‘Arpoador’ sunsets in Ipanema and we called it a day for our memorable tour of the cidade maravilhosa. Adventure expedition leaders Gabriel Roso and Daniel Chrispim are professional expedition leaders who can lead you to the extreme and beautiful corners of Brazil and South America in a swift and secure way.

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Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Arpoador - rio de janeiro - brazil

Arpoador on Ipanema beach – moto tour Rio de Janeiro – highway Brazil




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