Incredible views of the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro

The great Maracanã stadium (above), between the districts of Tijuca and São Cristóvão, will be pivotal for the opening and closing cerimonies of the International Olympic Games of 2016 in Rio.

As we all know, the 2016 Olympic Games begin in Rio de Janeiro, a revolutionary event for the city and atll Brazil. Ten thousand athletes from 206 countries are expecred throughout the games.

For equestrian competitions, for example, more than 400 horses, brazil ian and from five other continents (350 of them are coming by plane)

Now and for more than a month, the world will be watching Brazil and, more specifically, keeping an eye on Rio de Janeiro and its lush natural beauty.

But more than that!

The numbers are impressive but still give us an idea of the events dimensions.

The city is already literally occupied by foreigners of various countries. A few people have a real and clear idea of the size and importance of this international event for the first time taking place in South America.

Below, expressive photos of the moment in the city:

Below, Australian diver Keeney Maddison jumps on a trampoline in a warm-up exercise at the Maria Lenk Aquatic Park in Rio aimed at a section of training for the Olympics in 2016.

australian diver rio 2016

Below, the gigantic Arena beach volleyball competition in Copacabana (capacity: 12 thousand people).

Arena beach volleyball rio 2016

The fields of Hockey on grass at the Olympic Center.

Hockey rio 2016

One of the pools at the Deodoro Olympic Aquatic Center.

Deodoro Olympic Aquatic Center rio 2016

Aerial view of the rugby field in Olympic Complex.

Rugby Olympic Complex rio 2016

The Tarjet Sports Center in detail.

Tarjet Sports Center rio 2016

Canoeing stadium in slalom mode

Canoeing stadium rio 2016

Below the Olympic Equestrian Centre stadium where competitions of cross-country will be held.

Olympic Equestrian Centre rio 2016

Aerial view of where will occur the BMX cycling races.

BMX cycling races rio 2016

View of Engenhão Stadium in the Engenho de Dentro neighborhood, where  the athletics competition will be held.

Engenhão Stadium rio 2016

Sambadrome decorated for shooting competitions with bows and the arrival of the Olympic marathon.

Sambadrome rio 2016

Rio view including the neighborhoods of Copacabana (right), Botafogo and its beautiful bay, with the Urca and Sugar Loaf (center) and the Flamengo neighborhood (center).

More to the bottom and to the left, across the Guanabara Bay, Niteroi and internal beaches. In the right the entrance of Guanabara Bay, mountains and ocean beaches.

rio 2016 olympic games

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