Experience Brazil – Pirenopolis – Day 02

Pirenopolis Brazil thrived through its gold mine era being a regional influence through the XVIII and XIX centuries – those golden days are behind it, but the town still mines its quartz stone and the jewelry scene with brazilian gems. Some of the production and other handcraft can be seen in the little stores in the charming town center and in the center square. A night visit is our favorite with all the laparines, lamps and candles alit. A real treat for eyes and soul. Stomachs full time to sleep off the day. There’s much more ahead.

Pirenopolis - Highway Brazil

Main entrance to Pirenopolis – Goias – Brazil

In the brazilian central plateau – which covers some 04 states + the Federal District – temperatures are usually high all year round – but from mid March till mid November (autumn through to early spring in Brazil) because of the dry season and lower evening temperatures its usually the favoured time by visitors. The almost 100 days no rain season is a great factor for enjoying the dozens of falls in the area. The days can be really hot in contrast with the cool almost cold nights you have.

Pirenopolis Highway Brazil

Hills ans mounts in Pirenopolis – Goias – Brazil

This year – it seems – the dry season has antecipated, so maybe we’ll have a longer waterfall time. The destination today is the ‘Abade’ waterfall. Some 15 km from downtown. It sits in the state park of the Pyrenees in the state of Goias. One of the biggest falls in the region , Abade (Monk in English) is one of the most cherished locations with its  02 falls along with an optional trekking of a couple of km. there’s still a natural fish pond for observation. The place still has a bar/restaurante for snacks and lunch. Approach to the main falls is a bit steep I’d give it a 3 for accessability – even though the trail is only around 400 m long. HB recomends a day long stay at the falls – starting from around 09 o’clock till round 03′ cause of the sun. The fees lately are at R$ 25,00 per car.

Pirenopolis -

Abade waterfall


Sky over Pirenopolis – Goias – Brazil

Pirenopolis - Highway brazil

Church in Pirenopolis – Goias – Brazil



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