Best time to travel to Brazil? Now!

With the dollar and Euro at historical highs against the Real – the brazilian currency – the question always poised as to which is the best time of the year to visit the tropical bohemath is easily answered… now! In the last 12 months the Real has lost almost 30% of its value, meaning today (27/07/15) one dollar can buy roughly 3.35 reals.

bal 02So, what does that mean? It means with roughly $100 you can book a 04 star hotel in any city or town in the country and still have over $30,00 or so in your pocket for an excellent meal, transportation or shopping. With the low travel season (may to october) it may be the best moment to snatch one of those ticket sales and spend some sunny days in Brazil.

IMG_2923In Brazil the low season coincides with the tropical autumn and winter. Which basically means the is less rain and a little colder then summer. This combination makes it an optimal time for wildlife watching in the amazon and the pantanal. In central Brazil the weather will be dry and sunny great for enjoying waterfalls, outdoor sports and air sports.

DSC_0232It’s also a time full of traditional festivities throughout the country, specially rural, religious and popular festivals, making it a unique oportunity to know a little more about the complex brazilian cultural mixture, extending beyond the typical carnaval and street fun cliche. And a real pocket saver for those after a bargain.

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