Top 05 tips for a day in downtown Rio de Janeiro

Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro

Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

A bus trip or the metro will easily take you downtown Rio from Copacabana, Ipanema or other districts. A walk through the center streets opens up an opportunity to see real carioca lifestyle in rapid movement. If possible spare some time for the ‘Teatro Municipal’ (metropolitan theatre) and the central cathedrals (great pics if you have the tele). The blazing heat will make you thirsty so stop at a fruit juice store and order whatever takes your fancy. There one of our favourite things in Rio and Brazil in general the flavours you can make up are incredible. Next stop the ‘Banco do Brasil’ cultural center is round the corner. Always a nice tip for the culture hungry traveller. This week – 10th to 15th – football and culture fans will be able to watch the ‘Cinefoot’ festival with several films on the subject. Throughout the Olympics untill October art fans will also be able to see master pieces of the geniuses painters Van Gogh, Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Cézanne, Seurat,  Matisse – Don’t miss it!!!!!


Santa Teresa Tram – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Finished seeing the grand artists of the 20th century?! Ready for some more site seeing then. The Lapa Arches are just a few blocks down the street – (not a top secure place all the time – so keep the eyes pealed). The Selaron steps are just round the corner (Yeah! iconic picture for all!). The camera won’t stop clicking and the memories pouring up. Lunch in the lapa region or up in Santa Teresa is your choice (Santa Teresa is great). International cusine and modern or typical regional dishes are available for very reasonable prices. Have a gourmet beer for fun. The Metropolitan cathedral sits right beside all the mentioned before. A great tour. Be aware. Always a good tip with its modern architecture and coloured glass windows.

largo do guimaraes

Largo do Guimarães – Santa Teresa – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

After your sight seeing you can return to the Lapa/ Santa Teresa region for a snack/dinner or a quick drink. The ‘Largo dos Guimarães’ is a real good option amongst nationals and visitors. The streets a packed with foreign tourists walking up and down the streets. If your drink lasts alittle longer you’ll be able to watch a show at the ‘Circo voador’ theatre – just beneath the LAPA Arches or see the carioca nightlife in the inumerous bars spread out on the streets of Rio center.




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