03 great craft beers you must taste in Rio de Janeiro

‘Uma gelada’ (translates as ‘an icy’ on google) thats how brazilians ask for a cold beer at bars, obviously due to high average anual temperatures. More than 90% of beers are pilsen and roughly the same percentage are concentrated in 05 brands of the Inbev brewery. You’ll find them in 99% of all bars, pubs and restaurants throughout the country and the TV advertisments will always refresh your mind of the top sellers.

However, a new generation of crafted beers has hit the beer scene bringing to the brazilian public new flavours in the form of Ales, Lagers and stouts amongst others. Housemade, small and medium brewers have sprung up all over the country from the chilled south of Santa Catarina to the Amazon tropical forest through Rio de Janeiro and midwest Brazil – All are producing gourmet beverages mixing the traditional beer making with wild new flavours of fruit, pepers and nuts.

Here are 03 great craft beers that we’re really fond of:

01 – Baden Baden: Red Ale

Though it has a high alcohol percentage ??%, this red ale is a real treat when highly chilled to adequate temperatures. Even then night time will be the best time to drink. From the Baden Baden Brewery in the town of Campos do Jordão – São Paulo, a highly visited touristic town, specially in the tropical winter time of late May till early August. The low temperatures atract thousands of visitors. Its really worth a sample if you like a strong beer.

Red Ale - Baden Baden / photo: Baden Baden02 – Terezópolis: Indian Pale Ale – IPA

This IPA has a real relaxed taste to it, and goes well both in day and at night. Terezópolis is highest town in the state of Rio de Janeiro – RJ, and also the coolest. Its regarded as having one of the best weathers in all the country with an average yearly temperature of 17C. The town lays in the ‘Serrana’ region (mountainous region in north RJ) where it makes its beers using water from the streems which flow down the valleys.

Terezóplis beers / photo: Terezópolis03 – Eisenbahn: Strong Golden Ale

A national and International prize winner, the Eisanbahn brewery is from the southern town of Blumenau in the state of Santa Catarina – Brazil. It produces beers and draft beer following the Reinheitsgebot (the german law for purity in beer brewering). The mega Schincariol group boughtout the brewery in 2008, but it still puts out top notch products with the highest quality. Enjoy the menu!!!

Eisenbahn / photo: agencia Wow


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