Top 03 Apps you should use in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil

So the bags are packed, passport in hand time to get the last detalhes for the brilliant trip to the Rio de Janeiro. Highway Brazil has 03 tips for apps that will help out on the trip. Top apps Brazil! Check it out!

01 – Google translator

Everyone’s aware of its effectiveness and with its recent updates the translator has really made the travelers life dead easy. The speak to translate can help with directions, taxis, hotels and other situations. The artificial feeling is still there, but the result in our opinion is highly satisfactory. And it still translates signs and menus in real time. Wicked.

02 – Uber – Rio

And if you want to get your lucky destination by car even though under heavy from taxi drivers Uber has had its right to prove service guaranteed by law. Uber promises descounts for the Olympics. Though the service is recent its highly cherished amongst native users and some services are also offered.

03 – Whatsapp

So you’ve been out and about and even met some new freinds who (of casue) have inveted you to do something later on the day. But you need to exchange numbers. The comum question will be: ‘Você tem Whatsapp’ (do you have Whatsapp)? or zap zap as some jokingly call it. Brazilians love their social media and its definetely a hype at the moment. Check out had to add a brazilian contact on your Whatsapp, here!