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The warm weather, spectacular beaches, and intriguing culture attract brazilians and foreigners every year to the beautiful coast of Pernambuco – Brazil. Dance and music are some of the attractions for those who love culture and art – specially the urban street style carnival, shaking millions of revelers every year. But the old houses, churches and constructions, in addition to natural beauty, are the main attractions for tourists. Check out tips to enjoy and avoid pitfulls in the sunny Pernambuco city.

Recife Best Tips

Brennand workshop

Brennand’s Workshop

Sculptor, ceramicist and artist Francisco Brennand is one of the most respected names in brazilian national art. The Oficina Brennand operates in the ruins of his familys’ old brick factory, and works are displayed amid a beautiful setting surrounded by trees. The works are exhibited both within the different sheds and outdoors in the gardens of the property.

Courtyard of St. Peters
A Square formed by colorful houses, the courtyard of St. Peter is one of the most emblematic spots of the old Recife, a magnificent example of colonial architecture. In the square are the Cathedral of St. Peters of the Clerics, workshops, restaurants, lively bars which are very busy on weekends.

Boardwalk at Boa Viagem beach

Boa Viagem beach
Main beach in Recife, the Boa Viagem (Good trip) beach is some seven kilometers long. Protected by a barrier reef that appears during low tide, the beach is a meeting point for residents. Because of the presence of sharks, surfing on the beach is prohibited, and people can swim only in areas which are indicated on signs.

Porto de Galinhas
White sands and natural pools of crystal clear waters protected by coral reefs makes Porto de Galinhas (chicken port) one of the best destinations of the Brazilian coast. Porto de Galinhas has great resorts with options for the whole family, plus eleven beaches spread across an 18 km span such as the idyllic beach Maracaípe.

Don’t waste water
Some northeastern states – historically the dryest in the country – in 2015 – are currently living one of the worst droughts in history. Water distribution is always a complex and complicated matter, and although in the city centre distribuition is working well, it’s always a good ideia to check up on basic day to day water usage tips for helping along.

Beware of sharks

Recife best tips

Recife coastal line is in direct parth of migrating sea animals such as sharks – Because of its position Recife makes for probably the most dangerous place in Brazil for bathing and surfing. So respect the signs! The rest of the coast is really safe an visitors can enjoy the warm waters of the atlantic ocean with no fears.

Although its reniwned for hospitality, Brazil has a security issue that can’t be ignored so its always a good idea to stay a little alert when in an unfamiliar city. So it could be good to leave your valuables at the hotel, avoid dark streets and late night walks on the beach. Always try to be in group – not that hard to do specially amongst such open people. Don’t accept the unknown tourist guides or people who approach you on the street. Inform yourself on the internet and check at the reception and with the locals about the best tours to see. Taxi cards are the best way to use this transportation. Ask for referred taxi drivers.

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