Experience Brazil: From Rio de Janeiro to Belem in the Amazon forest

That morning I had jumpped out of bed – around 06am – late – you  could imagine for the 6:58 flight from Rio till the northern capital of ‘Belem’ in the second biggest brazilian state of Pará. Luckily I was at the hotel ‘Marajó’ in Rio – Centro – (clean – reasonable – moneys worth – lacking empathy from staff) just some 15 min from the Tom Jobim international airport, so with a little rush from the taxi driver and sheer luck it was saturday I made it. I basically passed out on the plane for my flight was around 2h 40 min long – that’s basically the time you take from Rio de Janeiro on the south Atlantic shores to the Amazon forest at the foot of the Andes some 2500 km inland – north-west.


Mouth of the Amazon with the Atlantic ocean

I woke up some 20 minutes before landing and realised i hadn’t seen the transition of the cerrado biome to the tropical equatorial forest of nothern Brazil – as I had hoped for. Out the window I could see an eternal twisting and turning of a silvery shiny substance I knew was water but which I prefered to believe was a magical mystical fluid. This green lawn was every where the silvery fluid wasn’t. Drawing into the Val de Cans international airport the astonishment of seeing that the lawn I was seeing from the skies was infact the 40 m high canopy of the Amazon forest.

belem do para visto por cima - highway brazil - photo @luxartifex

City of Belem seen from the top

The gush of highly warm air you receive in face as you step out the plane is a just a sample of what the tropical rain forest has to offer in terms of climate. In Belém and all over the north of Brazil air conditioning is highly praised used and demanded. The taxi ride downtown took about a half an hour and some R$ 50,00 (early 2016 prices) and I found my self at the ‘Presidente’ hotel in the ‘Capina’ borough – central city. Modest with a retro look to it ( I actually felt I was in a Casablanca movie I don’t know why) the room was spacious – the conditioning worked – and breakfast wasn’t that bad, so I was satisfeid for the price was good.

Guama river 01

Boat on the river Guama

Fully installed, the porter instructed me towards the nearest shopping center – highly cherished in Belem – the ‘Boulevard’ was just a km and a half down the street so I legged it in the pouring heat and just in time I arrived – almost repentant. I was after a good mobile with a camera since I was short. with the search taking some afternoon hours I decided I was fit for a rest and a deserved so I headed to the relished ‘Docas’ for dinner and a look at the Amazon river mouth the I’d been waiting to see. A glass of Para brewered beer – reaaly nice – and a typical fish dish to some it up and I was ready for some rest to wake up early the next day.

Rio de Janeiro to Belém

‘Docas’ in Belem do Para

By @luxartifex special for Highway Brazil.


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