Emilio Goeldi museum celebrates 150 years of services in the Amazon

EMILIO GOELDI – tropical plants and animals at a hands reach This year the Emilio Goeldi museum in the state capital of Belém in the Brazilian Amazon is celebrating 150 years. Named after renowned Swiss zoologist Emilio Goeldi the institution is famous for its studies of the Amazon flora and fauna and is open to […]

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Experience Brazil: The Amazon forest – idyllic beaches and lavish nature all in the same place – welcome to Belem!

Pará is a massive brazilian state in the Amazon forest roughly 1.250.000 square km – thats like the size of Alasca – If it where a country it would be 22nd on world ranking. Belem – the state capital sits right at the last turn of the great amazonian river basin where it meets the […]

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Experience Brazil: From Rio de Janeiro to Belem in the Amazon forest

That morning I had jumpped out of bed – around 06am – late – you  could imagine for the 6:58 flight from Rio till the northern capital of ‘Belem’ in the second biggest brazilian state of Pará. Luckily I was at the hotel ‘Marajó’ in Rio – Centro – (clean – reasonable – moneys worth – […]

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Experince Brazil: Tips for visiting Belem – Theatre of Peace

The impression that I got from Belem in the state of Pará – Brazil is that it looks like a Rio de Janeiro built in the forest. The colonial style of downtown reminds us of some boroughs in Rio like Santa Tereza, and on streets you can see the traights of the peoples that made […]

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Experience Brazil: Tips for Belem in the Amazon forest – Emilio Goeldi Museum

Today’s tip – Emilio Goeldi Museum in Belem Just a few miles from the ‘Docas’ in downtown Belem lays perhapst the best surprise in the city – the Emilio Goeldi Musuem. The entrance can deceit you as it’s highly modest, and after purchasing a ticket for R$ 2,50 (roughly $0,75 – 2016 currency) your ready […]

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Belem – Pará and the gateway to the Amazon forest

The Amazon forest has been inhabited since the beginning of humanity. It is esteemed that some million of indigenous people already lived here when European colonists arrived in the region in XVI century. The Amazon region occupies areas of 6 countries reaching from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Equator, Peru to Venezuela. The forest represents some 1/20 […]

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