Tiradentes Gastronomy Festival: outback town of Minas Gerais

With more than 170 gastronomic landmarks last year the Tiradentes Gastronomy Festival it’s the highlight of the town events calendar. See this video presentation of the festival to have a little taste:

Created in 1998 to bring together chefs cooking and renowned artists, the Festival is now a benchmark in the industry and considered one of the country’s leading gastronomic events.

Spices, smells and flavors invade the city and provide the visitor a delightful experience to unite history and cuisine in a beautiful setting that is the city of Tiradentes. The chef’s that are scattered in the various restaurants in town make a chemistry between spices which results in unparalleled dishes.

Tiradentes Gastronomy Festival

Tiradentes Gastronomy Festival

The Tiradentes Gastronomy Festival usually has a varied repertoire: workshops, courses, tastings, exhibitions and shows.

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