Brazilian versions of the Way of St James Compostela

You don’t have to go to Spain to make a self discovery journey. There are cheaper options even in Brazil.

Who are thinking of making the trip but not yet made ​​a financial planning you may be surprised by how much you spend. The French way, more traditional and chosen by more than 70% of the pilgrims, usually lasts about 30 days. The stay is cheap, about 5 to 10 euros per night in hostels or in shared rooms. Another 20 to 30 euros are spent each day on food. It seems cheap, right? After all, the cost is between 750 and 1200 euros. But this isn’t counting the passage area, displacement between the airport and the starting point of the Way, shopping and everything.

For those seeking a journey of introspection that the Santiago Way offers, there are Brazilian options, cheaper. These routes are also used by “beginners” pilgrims, which are the paths to prepare for Santiago.

Sun Path

Where is?

In São Paulo. Starts in Santana do Parnaíba and ends in Aguas de Sao Pedro .

How many kilometers have? 240 km

How long to complete? 11 days

How Much is It?

You must pay an application fee of 156 reais (About 46 U$). They are included one passport of the Sun and door – passport, a necklace, a printed guide, a custom rod and personal accident insurance. You must still pay daily in hotels that cost about 100 reais (About 30 U$).

Faith Way

Where is?

It begins in Aguas da Prata, in São Paulo. Go through the south of Minas Gerais to arrive in Aparecida do Norte, in São Paulo.

How many kilometers have? There are various routes . The most traditional is about 490 km

How long to complete? 20 days

How Much is It?

About 80 reais (About 24 U$) per night which includes meal.

Mission Way

Where is?

Between San Borja and Santo Angelo, in Rio Grande do Sul.

How many kilometers have? 338 km

How long to complete? 14 days

How Much is It?

2700 reais (About 781 U$). It includes overnight stays, all meals, guided walks in the intermediate cities and admission to museums and archaeological sites.

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