Belo Horizonte Travel Tips – cuisine, arts and culture!

Belo Horizonte Travel tips

Belo Horizonte Travel tips – downtown

Belo Horizonte (Beautiful Horizon) – in Minas Gerais state – was the first brazilian planned city. One interesting aspect of the original design is the abundance of parks and squares. The city is known in Brazil as the ‘national capital of the pub’. Belo Horizonte has the highest concentration of bars and pubs per capita across the country. The inhabitants of the region appreciate both his ‘pub culture’ that they started the contest named ‘Comida di buteco’ (Food Bar contest) in 2000. Today it’s a major culinary competitions in all Brazil. Going beyond the borders of Minas Gerais and taking place in several brazilian states, electing the best snacks (or ‘appetizers’ as the locals like to say) to accompany the draft or our beloved ‘cachaça’.

Igreja da Pampulha - Belo Horizonte best tips

Pampulha church – Belo Horizonte

The state of Minas Gerais is famous for its cuisine, the food is plentiful and the dishes are well filled and served. Impossible not to be delighted by the ‘tropeiro beans’ (feijão tropeiro) made in the wood stove, the pork crackling, the ‘chicken soaked’ and the famous ‘cheese bread’ (pão de queijo) found in all cafeterias and bars in town. The cuisine is a mixture of cultural heritage of several peoples who helped shape the state, especially during the gold and mining cycle. Some of their most popular dishes are chicken with okra and quibebe (a kind of winter squash purée) and the ‘Tutu beans’ another unmissable dish with manioc flour. Jams, jellies as ‘dulce de leche’ (Milk caramel sauce)  are also delicious. The cheeses are very important in the kitchen of Minas Gerais naming its own type called ‘Minas Cheese’ (Queijo Minas).

Lagoa da Pampulha - Mineirão - Belo Horizonte

Pampulha Lagoon – Mineirao stadium

Culture plays strong in Belo Horizonte life style, the city presents the ‘International Festival of Theatre Stage & Street’ (Festival Internacional de Teatro Palco & Rua FIT-BH) considered one of the largest international theater festivals in the country and one of the three biggest in all Latin America. Held every two years, the FIT-BH provides programming in theaters, parks and squares, most with free access. Performances from different countries are presented to the public, drawing up a diverse programmation. The 14th International Festival of Theatre, Stage & Street of Belo Horizonte will take place in 2018. Schedule your trip! At sports, football is a passion in the city, with strong rivalry between Atletico Mineiro and Cruzeiro. Considered by many as the greatest rivalry in brazilian football. In classic matches day the city stops and the fans make a unique spectacle, a must for sports lovers. Belo Horizonte best tips, BRAZIL!

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