Belo Horizonte nightlife – Savassi – Day 03

We start the day with a visit to the Praça do Papa (Pope’s Square), nice people, families, childrens, picnics and a great view of the city. Near the square is the famous Rua do Amendoin (Peanuts Street). A lot of people go there to check out the mystery of the slope. By car, exit, leaving the engine off without gear or pull the hand brake and observe. If you think the car is going down the street, you’re wrong. It gets the distinct impression that the car goes up the street. Folklore says that the cause of the phenomenon is in underground deposits of minerals magnetized, able to attract the vehicles. In fact, nothing more than an optical illusion, but a great stunt.

Mirante do Papa

Now you can go to the Mirante do Mangabeiras (Mangabeiras Lookout), where you have a wide view of the city, really beautiful. Now, a somewhat unusual tip for some tourists. Want to know the city in an unusual way? Go to the Bonfim Cemetery. Yes, that’s right, a cemetery, by the way, is older than the city itself, 1897. A true gallery in the open, the Bonfim Cemetery has imposing tombs, decorated with typical sculptors of Belle Epoque, Art Deco and Brazilian modernism. Many have the signature of famous artists of the time of its construction, coming from various parts of Brazil and abroad. You don’t need to be a gottich to visit!

Vista do Mirante

Time to eat, a great tip is in the Lourdes district, in downtown, the Glouton was named best contemporary restaurant and chef of the year 2014/15. In the same neighborhood another option is the Taste Vin restaurant, romantic, cozy and delicious food. For those who want to experience the typical cuisine of Minas Gerais, the tip is the Xapuri restaurant, with wood stove and large wooden tables where guests delight in the food of the region.


And if you are a connoisseur of good beer, the trick is the Cervejaria Wals (Wals Brewery), near the neighborhood of Pampulha. But if you prefer a delicious artisan sandwich, Bacon Paradise is the place! Night fell… it’s time to enjoy. The Savassi neighborhood is great for those who want nightlife, go to the ballad! In the same place are tourist attractions, culture, young and beautiful people,  great restaurants, nice pubs, famous nightclubs, coffee shop, funky stores, good hotels, that is all that much tourist wants. Enjoy!


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