Belo Horizonte – Liberty Square and Mangabeiras Park – Day 02

Our second day starts with a walk in the heart of Belo Horizonte at the Praça da Liberdade (Liberty Square). Getting there is easy, there are more than 20 bus lines that pass through there every day, just read the itinerary that is written next to the bus door. A taxi is not expensive if you are near the city center, Uber is another cheap and comfortable option. When you arrive at Praça da Liberdade, the surroundings was transformed into a cultural circuit! The gardens are surrounded by classical buildings, a good stop for architecture lovers! A beautiful and pleasant place to rest and meditate. If you are hungry, the option is to eat a sandwich at the famous Xodó Burger (Sweetheart Burger), easy to find.

Palacio da Liberdade

At the side of the square in the cultural circuit you will find the Cinema Belas Artes (Cine Fine Arts), a cozy cultural space designed for lovers of good movies and good literature. Differentiated, artistic films take you to reflect on life or just to relax, there you can also find people of different styles, but have in common the pleasure of enjoying the atmosphere of a relaxed cultural space. The Palácio das Artes (Palace of Arts) is another attraction, located in the downtown area, the space provides concertes of operas, orchestra, dance performances and popular music show, as well as comfortable rooms for exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, library and media resource center open to the public.

Palacio das Artes

Also in the city center, a traditional location is the Mercado Central (Central Market), the market is obligatory stop for tourists and reflects cultural and social aspects of the city’s identity. You will find a bit of everything like grains, nuts, spices, pots of delicious sweets, confections, cheeses, alcoholic drinks, famous cachaça, liqueurs and lots of exotic food. The dish of beef liver with onions is served in the bars and restaurants of the market and usually does success accompanied by a cold beer. There is a bad part of the market too, that sells animals such as chickens, mice, birds, and other animals.


If you prefer a more ecological adventure, Belo Horizonte offers beautiful parks. Our tip for you is the Municipal Park of ‘Mangabeiras’, one of the largest and most beautiful ecological strongholds in the city. It’s the largest green area of the city, with 2.3 million square meters of native Atlantic forest, where you can do several tracks, interacting with nature amidst monkeys, macaws, squirrels and other wild animals. And there are snacks points, sports courts, skate park style “Half Pipe”, large area with toys for children and places for picnics, arenas for concerts and theaters. The park is beautiful with good structure, the guides tell the ecological history of the region, good option to discover a little more about Minas Gerais, Brazil!


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