Serra do Roncador (Snorer Sierra) mysteries and ecotourism!

Located in the most central point of Brazil in the mid-west state of Mato Grosso. The Serra do Roncador is an immense mountain range formed by plutonic rock that rises to divide the waters of the Araguaia River (longest sole brazilian river in the amazon basin) and Rio das Mortes (River of deaths). The region keeps its mysteries and has one of the less populated and exploited parts of the South American jungles.


The name “Roncador” (snorer) comes from the fact that when the wind passes through the rock walls at night, it produces a low tone sound resembling snoring of a sleeping person. Among its mysteries is the Cave of ‘Pezinhos’ (little feet) that has its entrance blocked by rocks. In this entry, both on the walls and in the ceiling, various brands of animal tracks and some seem human, many with 6 fingers. Would they be footprints or inscriptions? Its meaning remains a mystery.


The Enchanted Lagoon (Lagoa Encantada), which is in another cave entrance and indigenous territory, despite the large amount of water, there is no life in it. The native Indians do not enter the lagoon for fear of the cave, only the tribal chief is authorized to enter, because they say it is inhabited by unknown beings.

roncador500The Serra do Roncador with its natural beauty and biological richness invites Adventure tourists to explore its ecology. With its soils and towering rock formations and numerous caves and grottos with large galleries, stalactites, stalagmites and inscriptions, as well as underground lakes of spectacular blue birds and beautiful animals . Meet the real Brazil with


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