Barra do Garças – the doorway to the Amazon forest

Nature has been generous in the town of Barra do Garças (Herons Bar). Located in the state of Mato Grosso the city is known as the entry door of the Amazon forest. It’s common to find wild animals calmly walking around the city like iguanas, monkeys, herons, toucans! The city has its domain on the rivers Araguaia and Garças and during the dry season (June to August, brazilian winter) incredible beaches appear on the rivers.

Waterfall Barra do Garças - Amazon forest

Serra do Roncador

During the season the hotels of the city are crowded, so you need to book in advance. The sightseeing tour is filled with waterfalls, caves, mountains, native forests, hot springs, and different tourist attractions such as the airport for flying saucers, that’s right, the city thrives on a strong alien mysticism that blends the local culture.

Roncador Barra do Garças

Serra do Roncador – Amazon Forest

The town is a favorite destination of mystics and scholars of UFO phenomena, with diverse communities known as a mystical and metaphysical sanctuary. Barra do Garças also has a good structure of restaurants with great local food, the famous Parque das Aguas Quentes (Hot Waters Park) is another attraction.

Roncador - Amazon Forest

Serra do Roncador – Amazon Forest

For the adventurers and nature lovers the tip is the unforgettable ride in the Serra do Roncador! Exuberant nature, really beautiful, an unfurgettable trip, several tour companies make the trip in jeeps at low prices ($30 dollars), reserve a day for it! Enjoy the Brazilian Midwest. Highwaybrazil the best tips!


Serra do Roncador – Amazon Forest

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