Explore the lunar dunes and lagoons of Lençois Maranhenses – Brazil

White sand dunes and blue lagoons

Considered a top destination in Brazil, the Lençois Maranhenses (maranhense sheets) combine kilometers and kilometers of white dunes dotted by freshwater ponds, sometimes blue, sometimes green. Its a true gateway to paradise, protected by its National Park status. The trip almost always beggins in the town of ‘Barreirinhas’ in the northeastern state of Maranhão, from there you start exploring the scenery, which is even more exuberant between the months of June and September, when the ponds are completely full.

National Park of Barreirinhas - Lençois Maranhenses

National Park of Barreirinhas – Lençois Maranhenses

Guides are absolutely necessary

To visit the main postcards of ‘Lençois‘ – and other little known corners – you’ll need vital support of local guides. To enter the reserve, for example, you must have the company of a certified guide who should be contracted via atravel agency. To drive through the area, full of sand trails and rivers, a four wheel drive or a boat is absolutely necessary. These are the only ways to reach the fanous Blue lagoon, a huge pool that lives up to its name; and the Bonita lagoon, which requires climbing a dune 40 meters high. All sacrifices, however, are rewarded with refreshing baths, the unique landscapes and the unforgetable sunset on the sand dunes.

Typical guide veicule in the Lençois Maranheses / highway brazil

Typical guide veicule in the Lençois Maranheses

The short walk leads to the Blue Lagoon and the longest, to the Bonita lagoon. You have to be in a bit of a shape to climb the dunes. It´s not the easiest of tasks. The sun is very hot and there isn’t a shado in sight. Local guides recommendations are to know a pool a day so it doesn’t get too tiring. A good tip is to do the afternoon tour to witness the sunset from the dunes and lagoons.

Lagoons in the Lençois Maranheses / highway brazil

Lagoons in the Lençois Maranheses

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