Brazil Moto Tour: a bike ride through the ‘Lençois Maranhenses’

Brazil Moto Tour (BMT) is a bike ride through the ‘Lençois Maranhenses’ that has already been voted the best tour on two wheels in the world.


Amazing looks is just one of the attractions of the BMT

Imagine yourself speeding with a Kawasaki 450cc scratch with your friends, on the dunes of Lençóis, for three days, without worrying about schedules, food, gasoline or the motorcycle hit and suspension. Without worrying about the roads and their equipment, using a set of clean clothes every day, covering fantastic places, and talking a lot about bikes all the time… Sounds like a dream, right?

That is Brazil Moto Tour. Conceived by Dimas Mattos, voted the best ride off-road motorcycles in the world by the French magazine Moto Verte.

Dimas has assembled an excellent structure in Barreirinhas which has given even more comfort and enjoyment to its customers, drivers of off-road world.

Everyone goes with a brand new bike

This years tour they had 25 brand new bikes (Kawasaki KLX 450). The sponsors are responsible for providing everything the pilot needs. From helmets to boots, through the Leatt Brace and POD knee pads, advanced equipment to ensure the safety of pilots. Every day, they are available to each participant a set of clean clothes ASW, washed motorcycles and agreed by the great mechanical Jesus (not a joke), for another day of pleasure. In addition, meals are all included, and the highest quality, prepared with the greatest affection for the BMT team.


Trails of Barreirinhas

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