Explore the lunar dunes and lagoons of Lençois Maranhenses – Brazil

White sand dunes and blue lagoons Considered a top destination in Brazil, the Lençois Maranhenses (maranhense sheets) combine kilometers and kilometers of white dunes dotted by freshwater ponds, sometimes blue, sometimes green. Its a true gateway to paradise, protected by its National Park status. The trip almost always beggins in the town of ‘Barreirinhas’ in […]

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Brazil Moto Tour: a bike ride through the ‘Lençois Maranhenses’

Brazil Moto Tour (BMT) is a bike ride through the ‘Lençois Maranhenses’ that has already been voted the best tour on two wheels in the world. Imagine yourself speeding with a Kawasaki 450cc scratch with your friends, on the dunes of Lençóis, for three days, without worrying about schedules, food, gasoline or the motorcycle hit and […]

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