Pirenopolis – Day 02

'Abade' waterfall - Monks fall in Pirenopolis - Goias/Brazil

‘Abade’ waterfall – Monks fall in Pirenopolis – Goias/Brazil

Spring in mid-west Brazil brings with it the highest temperatures of the year. With maximums reaching the 100’s Fº and low humidity it makes the perfect time for playing around the cold rivers and falls of Pirenopolis – Goias. We wake up on the second day already at some 77 Fº and finishing the breakfast its time to get out to another fall. The ‘Frade’ (Monk) waterfall is one of the most famous in the region and has some of the best infrastructure. Just 07 miles from the the town center its one of the easiest falls to get to. The place has several attractions like trekking, hiking trails or swimming in the natural pools. The main water fall – the Frade fall sits just some 800 meters form the entrance, so it´s an easy and calm walk.

'Abade' waterfall in Pirenopolis - Goias/Brazil

‘Abade’ waterfall – Monks fall in Pirenopolis – Goias/Brazil

With its freezing cool water (a real delight in those high temperatures) its a great place to spend the day even with a larger number of people around. With the afternoon roaring on and sunset climbing upon us, its time to back to ‘Piri’ downtown. Shower taken, heading of to the restaurante Road Smack in the middle of town. Steaks, fish, massas, sushi, there are several options for all tastes and likes. Because of its proximity with the federal capital of Brasilia, Pirenopolis harbens several cultural activities e festivities such as cinema festivals, traditional rural/religious festivities amongst many. On these festiv dates the town gets packed full with visitors coming from Brasilia, Goiania – the capital of the state of Goias – and surroundings. With tanned skins and filled bellies, it´s time to pack it in for the last day of the trip.


Pirenopolis - Goias/Brazil

Pirinopolis – Goias – Brazil

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