Pirenópolis – A colonial sanctuary in the mid-west state of Goias/Brazil

It was officially inaugurated in 1890 as the town of Pirenopolis in the state of Goias but had existed as a portuguese out-post in the rough atmosphere of the central plateaus and plains of central Brazil since at least 1727, though portuguese and paulista explorers were visiting the area some 50 years earlier. The mid-western state of Goias gets its name from the native tribe of the Goyaz – first seen buy the europeans and descendents in the late 17 century. Since then its been through cycles of prosperity and abandonment, but it wasn’t until the construction of Brasilia – the federal capital – in the 1950’s that it became nationally known as a formidable colonial style town with its gorgeous waterfalls and blissing cultural life.

Pirenopolis town Goias - Brasil 02

Church Matriz – Pirenopolis

Home to many artistic and cultural festivities, all year round you can visit gastronomicc festivals, music a cinema festivals aswell as traditional/folcloric festivites. The cinema festival atracts thousands of turists each year as does the ‘Carvalhadas’ (religious/rural festivity with traditional foods, music/dance and the hoarse back processions of hundreds of participants) with its crisitian – moore battles acting out. Along with its waterfalls – dozens spread all over the ‘Araguaia’ and ‘Tocantins’ river basins – where you can practice biking, trekking, tree climbing and zip-wire – Piri makes for a unique mixture of tradiotional rural and modern Brazil inbeded in a beautiful lanscape of mounts and waterfalls.

Santa Maria falls - Pirenopolis - Goias - Brazil

Santa Maria falls – Pirenopolis

Info about Pirenopolis:

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