Mysterious stonewalls and rock formations baffle the intrepid visitor of outback Brazil

Mysterious stonewall and rock formations

Speculation has the stonewall of Parauna – Goias – Brazil as a construction built by ancient american peoples due to whale oil having been found in the wall compostion. The region habors all sorts of unusual and and highly beautiful sites. At the top of the valley where the Parauna stonewall lays you see the top of the ‘Serra da Portaria’ rock formation of unsual beauty and legend has it as a gateway for ET’s who visit. A great place to know on Earth for sure, and with all the other unexpected beauties around certainly a land mark that would catch the eye of the passing voyager.

rock formations

Muralha – Stone wall

Serra dos Gales crazy formations

Not 7 miles on track and the ‘Serra dos Gales’ offers the visitor a highly unsual vista of the rocky formation. Locals have names like ‘chalice’ and turtle etc for some of the formations, not surprisingly as they do resemble many in the imagination. The serra is of unexpected beauty and you can truly say that some rocks look as if they were sculptured by hand. The Serra dos Gales lays in a private reserve of natural heritage controlled by federal gonvernment and acces can only be made on foot so you have to park the veicule at the entrance (access from the main road was a bit sketchy in 02/17) and walk some 40 min to an hour (which under sun can be a challenge) till you get to the formations. The effort is well recompensed. Trekkings to the further fomations are possible but local guides should be contracted for the effort.

serra dos gales geral - Pararuna - Goias - Brasil_brazil

Serra dos Gales – Parauna – Brazil

Rocky river bridge

Some 25 miles from the rock formations lays the ‘Ponte de Pedra’ (rock bridge) an intriguing natural event surprises the observer as encounter of 02 rivers which cross under the hill giving it the perfect name. A rare spectacle by any means. To see 2 waterways meet is always a happy surprise and to see this flow under a ‘rock bridge’ just adds to it all. The feeling is to have a small wonder out the midst of time. Together with th stonewall and the unusual rock formations of the sierra its’s no wonder so many stories and legends roam the region. Well worth the visit.

Ponte de Pedra - Stone bridge - Parauna

Ponte de Pedra – Stone bridge – Parauna


parauna brazil

Parauna Brazil – highwayBrazil

Special Tips: Parauna is a hot place with no infrastructure for visitors so places are hard to find and food, water and shelter from the sun almost impossible. Bear this in mind when out and about. Don’t forget that a 4×4 is highly recomended.

serra dos gales geral - Pararuna - Goias - Brasil_brazil

Parauna Brazil

Parauna Brazil

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