Cavalcante, history and beauty in Chapada dos Veadeiros – Brazil

‘Cavalcante’ is a small town located in the midwest state of Goiás – Brazil. North of the giant ‘Chapada dos Veadeiros’ (Deer hunters mounts/hills) which lays in the central brazilian plateau. Brasilia – the federal capital – is around 180 miles from the town and the nearest point for those coming by plane (Brasilia International Airport). The road to the city is available and in good conditions. A good choice, you can rent a nice car with unlimited mileage for $ 40 dollars a day. Buses also run from Rodoviária Interestadual de Brasilia (Brasília Interstate Bus Station) at low prices.

Cavalcante - chapada dos veadeiros

Cavalcante – Chapada dos Veadeiros

Cavalcante harbors descendants of the Kalunga people (runaway african slaves who in the 18th and 19th century escaped their masters in plantatios in the neighboring states ), one of the most important quilombos in Brazil. Their descendants retain memory, language and customs of the former slaves. They were isolated for years in one of the most beautiful spots of the Brazilian cerrado.

Cavalcante Manaca inn

Cavalcante – Manaca inn

The region holds a great mix of natural beauty, crystal blue waters and pristine waterfalls, it has streams and trails as well as the lush flora and fauna. The place is a haven adventure, plenty of culture, geography and history. The city offers good infrastructure for hosting, with good number of hotels and resorts, cottages for couples or rooms for larger groups. Our team stayed at a chalet at the Manacá inn and we loved the experience. Houses are also available for rent per season. The dining options are good, we recommend the Encanto da Pizza (Charm Pizza), the Restaurante Flor do Cerrado (Cerrado Flower restaurant) and the Restaurante da Rosa (Rose restaurant).

Cavalcante - Santa Barbara Waterfall

Cavalcante – Santa Barbara Waterfall

For those who enjoy a good craft beer the Cervejaria Aracê (Aracê Brewery) is the place, at night the owners lite a fire which is surrounded by benches, a cozy atmosphere with the evening breeze! When the day dawns, the tourist cant miss the Engenho community, 20 km from Cavalcante, at the Kalunga community. From there you can visit the famous Santa Barbara waterfall  in a hidden paradise on earth, a fall of 30 meters in a beautiful river of crystal clear emerald water with large pools. Its waters are so visible that diving does not need swimming goggles. This is an attraction in the Kalunga preservation area and the entry costs only $ 6 dollars. Even this team already traveled throughout Latin America considers this one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

Cavalcante - Santa Barbara Waterfall

Cavalcante – Santa Barbara Waterfall

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