Experience Brazil: ancient wall built by Incas or aliens?

Serra da Portaria - Goiás - Brazil - highway brazil

Mysterious stone wall built by aliens ?

Far from the Atlantic ocean some 750 m in land in the mid-west state of Goiás – Brazil a beautiful and ancient land with mysterious rock formations puzzles all who visit. Some 220 m from Brasília where outback farmland clashes with shear wilderness of brazilian cerrado the land of Parauna enchants all with its strange rock formations and because of an ancient and controversial wall which is said to have been built by pre colombian peoples of the Americas or even ET’s.

Brazil farmland in Paraunas - state of Goiás - highway brazil

Brazil farmland in Paraunas – state of Goiás – highway brazil

4×4 needed in outback farmland in Brazil

The road that leads to the renowned ‘Parque das Emas’ National Park in outback Goias brings itself a relaxing journey to the visitor with the sensation that the sky has closed in and you’re surfing the top of the world. A 5 hour drive from Brasília and we reach the rural village of Parauna our HQ for the trip, where we start off for our adventures. This is real outback farmland where dirt roads are common and since the night before heavy rains hit the region our non 4×4 car was in for a hard time.

mud road in farmland - outback Goiás state in Brazil

4×4 recommended for mudroads

Who built the ancient cosntruction?

We were out to find the stone wall beleived to be an ancient construction built by the inhabitants of the Americas before Europeans. Discovered in the 60’s the rock wall has been poorly studied and basically ignored. But scarce research into its construction has led to the finding of whale fat/oil in its composition prompting speculations that it wasn’t native brazilian tribes who built it but peoples perhaps from the Andes region who have been using the technique for millenia. After some 90 minutes on the dirt road we finally get to our goal which lays about a 40 min through neighbouring farms in the outback cerrado.

mysterious wall of Parauna in the state of Goiás - Brazil - highway brazil

The mysterious stone wall built by aliens / photo: Ronaldo – guide from Parauna

Wall stretches through an entire valley

The wall stands at some 2 meters tall and som 3 to 4 meters wide – it extends for some 50 miles from one side of the valley to the other. The researcher Alódio Tovar was first to study the site and was clear in thinking it was the work of ancient peoples. And looking at the site its hard to beleive that nature or any other explanation for the formation is plausible. Definately must have been man made – and that in itself made the view truly amazing. But not hard to believe as the whole region is so beautiful with all its mysteries.

mysterious stone wall built by aliens in parauna brazil

The wall is some 50 miles long in the valley – Muralha de ferro – Photo: Ronaldo

The mysterious wall lays in a breathtaking valley named ‘Serra da Portaria’ where locals have found evidence of human tampering with nature. The Sierra itself is such a beautiful and exotic place that it makes you think if it would be the perfect spot for someone to mark their domain in such a baron and isolated land. Unfortunetly due to poor touristic infrastructure and lack of willingness of local authorities the site has been neglected and the trees and bush have hidden great portions of the wall – making it a happy but frustrating discovery.

Farmland in Parauna - stone wall built by aliens

Farmland in Parauna – Goias – Brazil

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