Experience South America – Atacama desert | Day 03

We woke up early, again very cold, we had breakfast at the inn and around half past seven the van picked us up as we headed towards the Salar of Tara (in atacama desert). On the way we pass an inactive volcano crater in the format of a cone, a rare sight. Tara Salar is in the middle of nowhere, a kind of oasis in the desert, with vegetation and some animals such as alpacas (fluffy lhamas) and small rodents living there. A beautiful image that will stay sketched in my mind for the rest of my life. On one side rock formations called the cathedrals on the other a lagoon surrounded by mountains with flamingos feeding in the waters. Magic.


Salar de Tara – Atacama desert

HB tip: This trip includes breakfast and lunch and it takes practically all day. We headded back to San Pedro de Atacama at around 4 pm. We paid R$ 270,00 per/person but prices can vary depending on the season.

salar-de-tara-1 Atacama desert

Salar de tara – Atacama desert


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