Southamerica and the Andes: Chile – The first Impressions

photo by Julio Sedano Acostaa

Speechless is the feeling you have when on arrival at the international airport in the capital Santiago – Chile, the commander calls attention to the cabin. “We are flying over the Andes.” I opened the shutters and I see a seemingly endless sequence of mountains with a reddish appearance and snow on the peaks, even with an open and very hot weather. You can see some vegetation but it is noteworthy that this is an inhospitable environment for any living being.


Andes mountians

Although the appreciation of the Real against the Chilean peso, accommodation and food are not cheap round here. Supermarket shopping is re ally worthwhile. Do the shopping and make the chow in the hostel or hostel. The Chilean cerveza (beer) is very tasty and the wine speaks for itself but either way We’ll do an article when we visit some wineries here.

Andes plane view o buscante - highway brazil

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