Visit Brazil for less than $100!


St. Barbarazinha falls

With Pound, Euro, Dollar at record high against the brazilian Real this seasons end could be the perfect time for some sun bathing, wildlife watching and real culture absorbing down in sunny Brazil. Leaving out the transportation $100/day per person should be more than enough for bed, food and lots of fun in any part of this giant country. Weather taking in the fenomenal sun out on any beach streching over its 8 thousand km of coast, or visiting the remarkable Rio de Janeiro, seeing the gigantic Iguazu waterfalls, visiting the Amazon the pantanal or the more than 50 national parks spread out all over the country you’ll be able to have a swell time with a certain comfort.



With 3 to 4 star hotels within the grasp of the average traveller, not even talking of hard run  backpacking budgets, you’ll have the oportunity to eat, sleep and absorb all the energy with the activities of your choice, weather dining in Sao Paulo, sipping down some wine in the southern states, or fishing in the parana basin. With the southern hemisphere winter season comming to its end historical high temperatures are soaring and making it one of the hottest years ever. Sunnhy days, low tourist season, currency favouritism; its the perfect time to put that hidden away plan into action and literaly have the time of your life. Visit Brazil!