10 Things You Should Know Before You Visit Brazil

1 – Brazilians are never on time. They’re always at least 20 minutes late. Doesn’t mean they don’t care about your time or that you are not important. It’s just part of the culture – go with the flow.

2 – The “OK” gesture in Brazil is roughly equivalent to the 01 finger in the US or 02 finger in Britain, which means you should not use it! Try the ‘thumbs up’ gesture instead – universal OK gesture.

3 – Brazilians are affectionate people and kissing strangers is customary. Usually oposite genders and amongst women 01, 02 or even 03 kisses can be exchanged. On the cheek, by the way. So people don’t get too cheeky.

4 – Brazil’s national drink is caipirinha, a sweet beverage made of crushed ice and lime, sugar, and a type of sugar cane liquor called cachaça. Though beer is heavily drunk too.

5 – Brazilians love their soccer team and samba schools (escola de samba), specially in Rios’ Carnival . So don’t be surprised if a brazilian insists on questions like: “What team do you cheer for in Brazil?”

6 – So you love to party? Lucky you, cause so do they! Not just carnival, the country’s rich cultural heritage and religious sceene ensures that there’s always a reason to celebrate in Brazil – so bring those dancing shoes!

7 – Not many brazilians speak English outside the grand capitals of Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo so pick up a portuguese phrase book and do some revision beforehand.

8 – Piranhas won’t eat you alive if you fall into an Amazon river. Many bathers swim safely in piranha-infested rivers. The great danger only arises when fish feel threatened or very hungry (dry season). If your really unlucky may get a bite but it won’t kill you. That’s movie stuff.

9 – Brazilians are Sensitive to how foreigners perceive their country. It’s common to see a Brazilian complaining about his country, but if a foreigner talks about bad aspects of Brazil many Brazilians loose their mood.

10 – Brazil shares a border with all South American countries except for Chile and Ecuador. So it’s a good place to start your trip through South America! Visit Brazil!

Ipanhema Beach - Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian customs – strange habits – Visit Brazil

Maracana stadium - Rio de Janeiro - Visit Brazil

Maracana stadium – Visit Brazil

visit brazil

Brazilian customs – culture

visit brazil rio de janeiro

Brazilian customs – Rio de Janeiro

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