Top tips for travelling to Brazil in 2018

Top tips for travelling to Brazil 2018

08 – Yellow fever vaccine

The Pan-American Health Organiztio (UN) has considered 2018 the worst in Decades for Yellow Fever and has recomended  vaccination for all those who haven’t vaccinated in the regions affected and all travelers intending to visit.  Remember to visit the doctor some weeks before you visit, the Yellow Fever  vaccine can take upto 10 days to be affective.

07 – Mosquito repellent

Even if you have had the Yellow Fever shot the Aedes aegypti mosquito – which transmits Yellow Fever – incredibly it’s also responsible for transmitting Dengue, Chikungunya and the Zika virus, so don’t forget to bring your repellent and to use any other means of protecting yourself.

06 – Sun block

Sounds too silly but some people do actually think they can take on the tropical sun without any protectio, which could lead to sever sun burn/rash, dehidration and basically a sappy holiday. Doctors also recomend taking in the sum until 10 am and after 4 pm for health reasons. So don1t forget to put the cream on 30 min before the exposure.

05 – Hat and sunglasses

Besides the skin the head and eyes nedd a great deal of protection from the sun. Cap, hats and sun specs are a must to keep your cool and still do some good for the body.

04 – Pregnant women and Zica

The CDC recommends that women who have traveled to Zika-risk areas wait until 08 weeks before trying to become pregnant, if they haven’t developed symptoms. The CDC also recommends that Men with Zika symptoms should wait six months before attempting to impregnate their partner. Check the CDC website for updated info and alwayas talk to your doctor before travelling.

03 – Bootled water and beware of street foods

Differently from some countries brazilians don’t drink straight from the tap so every place has a filter for water or buys it bottled. So if your on the street and you get thirsty buy bottled water. But if your not sure of the origin play safe and buy from a shop as some times of street vendors could be touchy.

02 – Don’t flaunt

70% of crime in Brazil is money related so small burglaries, pickpocket and stickups are a commun thing. If you don’t have some security scheme running for you it’s best to leave jewlry, watch etc at the hotel. Take some change for your day supply at the beach and play it safe. If your on an urban beach with lots of people it’s also a good idea to keep an eye out on your stuff. Avoid empty narrow streets after dark and

01 -Get local

Learn some portuguese before you get to Brazil. A few wrods can make a big impact. People are more open so try and get to know the culture while your in Brazil. The food is delicious so if you can get round to tasting new fruits and dishes go for it.