Top 15 Brazilian Train Rides – part 02

6. Train of the Mountains (Espírito Santo): the train makes a trip of 46 km between the beaches and mountains of the Espírito Santo. The journey begins in Viana, in the metropolitan area of Vitória, and continues to Domingos Martins, which displays beautiful mountain scenery and a rich typical cuisine. Then moves to the mountainous Marechal Floriano (known in the Espírito Santo as “The City of Orchids”) and the Araguaia district, with a church with over a hundred years, a beautiful train station and the Cultural Center Ezequiel Ronchi, a collection of more than 500 pieces telling the story of the city’s colonization.

Fare round trip: from R$ 160 for adults and R$ 82 for children.

7. Train of Termas (Santa Catarina and Rrio Grande do Sul): composed by a steam locomotive 1920 and six wagons, the train of Termas conducts tours on Saturdays between the municipalities of Piratuba (SC) and Marcelino Ramos (RS). Receives tourists on the path, which lasts an entire afternoon. You can make a city tour in Marcelino Ramos and visit the Hot Springs and Spa of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of La Salette.

The tour needs at least 40 people to complete. Price: starts from R$ 50.

8. Train of Corcovado (Rio de Janeiro): walking on the Corcovado train is more a means than an end. It is with him that many tourists come to the Christ Redeemer and viewpoints surrounding it. The trip , made in steep terrain, only lasts 20 minutes and its speed does not exceed 15 km/h. But on the way, visitors can admire the beauty of the rainforest surrounding the area (now belonging to the Tijuca National Park).

Price: R$ 48 for adults and R $24 for children. Price includes access to the Christ the Redeemer.

9. Train of Forró (Pernambuco): the Forró train operates only during the period of June parties and is literally a big party moving. The attraction consists of a diesel locomotive and ten cars with a capacity to hold up to a thousand people. The interior is all marked by June Festival decorations, and each car, the tourist can find a forró trio, bar service selling drinks, some snacks and a security guard. The train also has a support wagon, home toilets, cleaning, nursing and medicine for first aid.

Lasting five hours, the tour starts in the Santa Rita pier in Recife, and goes to Cabo de Santo Agostinho, where passengers are greeted by a large party, with shows of forró, fireworks, crafts and typical food fairs. Price: From R$ 80 per person.

10. Train of Wine (Rio Grande do Sul): with 23 km long and two hours, the tour starts in Rio Grande do Sul city of Bento Gonçalves, which is one of the major wine regions of Brazil. Before boarding, tourists participate in a wine tasting and , after climbing on the train, set off on a journey to visit the towns of Garibaldi and Carlos Barbosa.

On the stops, visitors are welcomed with Italian music shows and gaucho folk dances. And participate in more wine tastings. Price: From R$ 70 per person.

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