Top 05 types of popular brazilian junk food

So your at the end of the daily budget and there’s still a meal to go. What can you do with $5.00 in your hands and an apetite for some brazilian junk food?

1- Cachorro quente (Hot dog)

They’re on every corner of the big cities and even in smaller towns. The hot dog stand is one of those symbols of popular brazilian criativity. The brazilian hotdog consists of bread a saussage, some sauce and almost anything else you could imagine. Corn and peas make up the basic type along with potato chips and mayonnaise. But you could put in some bacon, mashed potatoes, salame, or you could make a chicken hotdog. The options are inumerous. For less than $02,50 (dollars) its a serious snack option and one of the cheapest out there.

hot dog brazilian junk food

hot dog – cachorro quente

2- Salgadinhos (snacks – usually fried)

They come in all shapes and sizes with many types of fillings. Reaching to many different traditional cusine cultures the ‘salgadinho’ is seen in every bakery and is a bread ‘n butter snack present allover the nation. Cheese, chicken and meat are the typical fillings encountered. But, as usual, the variety can be stunning and depending on the establishment you can have real interesting surprises. On the street corner you’ll splash out $01.00 average. Snack saver.

junkie food

salgadinhos snacks

3- X tudo (Cheese burguer with everything)

Along with the hot dog they’re on every stand and corner in the major cities. With a the typical market burguer, cheese, tomato, lettuce, plus: bacon, salame, corn, peas, potato chips and alot more your jaw bones will be in for a treat. You can find a cheap one for $2,00.

xtudo brazilian junk food

X tudo – brazilian junk food

4- Churrasquinho (barbecue – stick)

One of the most comum and sometimes mocked apetizers out there is the churrasquinho. A stick with roasted meat or chicken with some other sides like bacon and even chicken heart, it’s real classico of  popular brazilian junk food cusine. Commonly mocked as the ‘cat-steak’ it’s a snack that can be relished but always the caution of a serene voyager.

snacks junk food

churrasquinho – brazilian junk food

5- Churros (fried sweet – flour)

Found on any school block corner the churros, a mixture of flour, suggar, butter, salt and water, is a treat for any child of student age, and makes up brazilian collective memory. With fillings which vary from a sweet milk jam (dulce de leite) to chocolate nutella and others its a cheap and sweet way to savour a typical brazilian popular cooking.

churros junk food


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