Experince Brazil: Tips for visiting Belem – Theatre of Peace

The impression that I got from Belem in the state of Pará – Brazil is that it looks like a Rio de Janeiro built in the forest. The colonial style of downtown reminds us of some boroughs in Rio like Santa Tereza, and on streets you can see the traights of the peoples that made up modern Brazil. On the streets you can also feel the hot tropical weather of the Amazon region.

TIP: Teatro da Paz (Theatre of Peace) Belem, Brazil

I love walking so I took off next day towards the renowned ‘Teatro da Paz’ a neoclassic style construction 138 years old built during the grand rubber era. Back in its day it would be the biggest theatre in the North hosting operas and plays of the time, sitting in the ‘Praça da República’ in downtown Belem.

Teatro da Paz - Belem - highwaybrazilThose times have past and after the decline of rubber the place fell into recession and the centre square is nowadays rundown and decayed. The theatre itself was closed for long periods since then and recently has been fully restored, now being a major attraction in town. Walking up the steps gives you a weird feeling of being in some european stage but in the middle of the forest.

Teatro da Paz - Belem - Brazil - highwaybrazil The space is fantastic inside. With elevenn hundred seats and perfect acoustics, the theatre dashes the visitors eye with the crystal chandeliers, mosaic floor made of hardwood, frescoes on the walls and ceiling. All this with the theatre cabins and you thrown back in time to a place of magic.There are dozens of art works, railings and other elements coated in gold leaf. I didn’t have the pleasure of watching anything, so If possible give yourself the treat of watching an opera, balet or a regional piece of music.

Teatro da Paz - Belem - Brazil - Highway Brazil More on the theatre here:



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