Spring’s back with soaring temperatures and melting prices in Brazil

Corumbau beach in south Bahia/brazilThe begining of the sunny season has arrived in the southern hemisphere with a record high in temperatures in Brazil, and a low record in the brazilian currency (the brazilian Real) against the american dollar, over 4 x 1 during this week. Meaning one thing: Its a unique moment to visit the Brazil with all its natural riches and its diverse culture. The US dollar has reached a historical high against the brazilian Real and is hovering around the 4 x 1 against its brazilian counterpart, meaning that expenses such as accomodations, meals and trips and have almost halved their prices over the last year, making the amazon, pantanal, Iguazu falls or the sunny Copacaban beach a absolute possibility.

Corumbau beach in south bahia/brazilHighway Brazil recently travelled to the south of Bahia – via the Porto Seguro international airport, and experienced first hand the attractions of the golden coast of bahia. Three star inns with comfortable double bed and breakfast in downtown Porto Seguro for $20/day. car rental services for less than $30/day, lavish local dishes – personal favourite in bahia- for $30 to $40 the couple. Boat trips, diving, whale watching, natural pond viewing, trekking in the native atlantic forrest (mata atlantica) ranging from $40 to $60 per/person, making the entire experience unique and affordable even in the tightest of budgets. Overall a four night stay in the tropical paradise went for less than $250 total with all transport, accomodations and meals with some extras on the side, no extravaganzas. With the high season still some several weeks away and the seasons high temperatures this Spring is certainly the best time for you to put the pen to paper, sort out the books and make a true effort to visit this tropical haven. Live your dreams. Come to Brazil.


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