Record temperatures and melting currency make Brazil a special attraction

This southern hemisphere winter is bringing record highs in temperautres all over Brazil – specially in the central part of the country, and with the US Dollar soaring at almost  $3.80 to the $Real, and the travel high season a long way away, it might be the best opportunity to know Brazil with the best weather and best prices.

rio burnheim

Were talking acute bed n’ breakfasts, inss hotels and hostels for as little as $30,00 – breakfast included. Great typical brazilian cusine for $30 … $40, breathtaking trips and excursions from, scuba diving in, coral reefs to whale watching or other exotic and exciting wildlife observing for under $50. Or be it, with $100,00 US dollars today in Brazil your able to have a WHOLE LOAD of FUN!!!

trancoso beach 01

Weather bathing on the thousands of miles of beautiful beaches, observing the Iguazu falls, descending the amazon river or watching the great jaguar in the Pantanal, the prices of the low travel season are certainly welcoming, the weather is all the good and the favourable currency means that you can have the time of your life without spending the liftime savings, Just pick your choice of what really catches your fancy and make a bon voyage! The general tourism infrastructure all over Brazil has improved over the past years – specially with the world cup and the olympics, so feel free and make a nice trip.

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