IlhaBela – an idyllic spot in the nothern coast of São Paulo

‘If there is a paradise it must be near by’ – that was what the Venitian descobridor Americo Vespucio said about the nothern coast of São Paulo in near by ‘IlhaBela’ (literally beautiful island in portuguese). Usually remebered as the finance capital and economic power of the nation, São Paulo goes frequently unmensioned when it comes to beautiful coast lines. But bears without doubt spectacular beaches and natural havens comparable to any others worldwide.

Some 90 miles from the state capital São Paulo, IlhaBela and the northern coast of São Paulo can be easily reached by car or bus, and is an attraction for some half a million turists every year. Scuba diving in the ship wrecks, sailing, trekking in the native atlantic bush ‘Mata Atlantica’ with its exuberant flora and unparralleled waterfalls in the state park, highly untouched – make up some of the attractions available.

A boat trip around the region, a visit to the Bonete beach or the Pereque beach is a must, as is a dive in the ‘Pedra miudas’ beach (small rocks). Beaches in Caraguatatuba and Ubatuba are also a unique opportunity for visiting these idyllic regions and there natural wonders. January to march  makes the high summer season in Brasil – a time when most of the turists visit the region. For the rest of the year you can expect to see 50% price cuts and lots of fun.


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